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In the music department we aim to provide an inclusive department that is firmly based on creativity, practical involvement and genuine exploration.  We aim to provide an outstanding standard of teaching and facilitate a high level of musical achievement for our students. Music can make a powerful contribution to students’ education, development and future success.  We aspire to sustain a wide and deep engagement with music.

Our mission statement encompasses the heart and soul of the music department.  This approach is embedded in three key areas in music education: stimulating classroom lessons and rewarding extracurricular activities.


  • To recognise that learning music is an inclusive activity in which all students can participate and contribute. 

  • We promote an inclusive environment which aims to support, nurture, challenge and reward every musician. 

  • We provide a secure learning environment for all students, within which respect, persistence and individual learning styles are valued and where confidence and the development of skills are nurtured.

  • As teachers we communicate the value of learning music as a vehicle for physical, emotional, intellectual and social development.

  • We encourage open-mindedness and respect for all types of music, and therefore cultures; to promote awareness of the context of music in societies and the world today


Exciting changes in our music curriculum will allow for more students to specialise in a particular area of the music industry, as well as having many opportunities to perform and stretch their musical abilities. For more information about our courses, click on the relevant tab above


If you are interested in starting or continuing instrumental lessons at Polesworth, please drop me an email about your preferences and if a space is available I will pass on your details to our visiting peripatetic staff -

There are many exciting opportunities for students to participate in including a wide range of instrumental lessons available on a weekly basis.

Our results at both KS4 and 5 are outstanding with 100% pass rate for the last 10 years

Our KS3 results are above the national average in music and progress and attainment is classed as 'Outstanding'.

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What can students do to develop their skills in this subject area?

Music is not just learning to play an instrument or singing. Music links to every curriculum subject and naturally the subject itself encourages students to stretch and challenge themselves on a daily basis when they engage with it. Music helps develop personal skills such as leadership, independence and confidence as well as developing creativity.

  • There are lots of lunchtime and extra-curricular clubs available in the Music Curriculum Area for all tastes and genres (see extra-curricular timetable).

  • There are opportunities for students to lead and run extra-curricular ensembles. These skills not only develop musicianship, but also leadership skills.

  • Students do not just contribute musically to our concerts at The Polesworth School; students also help with the logistics of putting on a concert: lighting, sound desk, stage management. We have a technical club ran by Mr Brookes that will help develop live sound techniques.

  • The Music Curriculum Area has a wealth of instruments that students can explore. They range from common instruments found in the west, to rarer eastern instruments. Why not challenge yourself to play an instrument that is similar to your own or learn a new instrument from scratch. We have student mentors who will help teach and guide them through their challenge.

  • Our study centre has a large collection of reference books and sheet music (Rockschool, ABRSM) Students can read around projects they are studying in class or prepare themselves for their instrumental exams

  • The area has lots of established musical groups that you can join, meet new people and make music together. We have links with the Warwickshire Music Hub who hold regional groups at Polesworth and Milby School, Nuneaton. We also run a minibus on a Wednesday to transport students to Milby School where they can take part in various orchestras and wind bands.

What else can be accessed to support the curriculum?

Some Music apps are particularly useful (and fun) to try at home:

What websites could students visit to support the curriculum? (register for a free log in account)

How can parents/carers help and what can be done at home?

  • Speak to your son or daughter about how music has evolved in your lifetime. Music is so accessible now and it is difficult for them to understand when music was not instantaneous.

  • Attend a variety of local and wider field concerts. Encourage students to research the contextual background behind the pieces they have experienced at the concert - even better do it retrospectively, then students can engage more with the music.

  • Share likes and dislikes in music and justify them. We find students struggle to justify their preferences and resort to the opinion that 'it's on the radio' or 'my friends like it'. Most importantly, have a variety of music playing in the house – radio on during journey

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